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Small Water Pump 12v Food Safe Liquid Pump for Coffee Machine | PINGCHENG

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Small water pump 12v adopts food grade material, can be approve CE, ROHS, FDA certificate.Food Grade Electric Pump is a mini electric water pump. It is widely used for pump pure water, FDA Liquid for water circulation and water cooling.

Buy Customized Water Pumps at Wholesale Prices from Pincheng Motor factory! You can customize the parameters and specifications of the micro pump, as well as the product material. Our engineering department will fully cooperate with the custom production of samples. Welcome to know more information about mini water pump.

  • Model Number: 365 water pump
  • Material: ABS
  • Drive Way: Electric
  • Used: Metering pumps
  • Pump shaft position: Horizontal
  • Impeller structure: Enclosed impeller
  • Number of impellers: Single-stage
  • Impeller suction method: Single suction
  • Principle: Diaphragm pump
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    Small Water Pump

    Small water pump Small, little noise, puts out 1quart in less than a minute or empty a 6 gallon carboy in under 24 minutes, motor runs cool, perfect for DIY. This samll water pump voltage 3-24v.

    Small water pump 12v food-safe liquid pump for coffee machine, widely used in home appliances, medical, model, etc., mainly to achieve pumping, cold water circulation and other functions.

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    Specification Engineering Drawing

    small water pump Specification Engineering Drawing


    Application for Small Water Pump

    Home Applicances, Medical, Beauty, Massage, Adult products

    Shower heads, drinking fountains, air-conditioning drainage pumps, medical equipment, pressurization technology;



    Electric decanter

    Electric decanter

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Water dispenser

    Water dispenser

    Vacuum packing machine

    Vacuum packing machine

    Tea table

    Tea table

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    small water pump products

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