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Mini Water Pump 12v Food Grade Sanitary Electric Diaphragm Pump | PINCHEGN

Short Description:

Mini water pump 12v is Waterproof and long continuous working time provide you an amazing glow. When diving the water pump into the water, the water level is higher than the pump.The low level of the water will cause the temperature too high, so the noise of the pump will be large.

  • Model Numberm: 385 Water Pump
  • Material: ABS
  • Drive Way: Electric
  • Used: Metering pumps
  • Pump shaft position: Horizontal
  • Impeller structure: Enclosed impeller
  • Number of impellers: Single-stage
  • Impeller suction method: Single suction
  • Principle: Diaphragm pump
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    Mini water pump 12v

    Mini water pump 12v food grade sanitary, the electric diaphragm pump is small and convenient, the design of the pump head is easy to disassemble, easy to clean and maintain, which greatly improves the practicality.

    Mini water pump 12v is manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards before leaving the factory, with good safety performance and can be used with confidence. Food grade sanitary electric diaphragm pump.

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    Product Information

    PYSP385 (Water Pump)

    *Other Parameters: according to customer demand for design
    Rate Voltage DC 3V DC 6V DC 9V
    Rate Current ≤1200mA ≤600mA ≤400mA
    Power 3.6w 3.6w 3.6w
    Air Tap .O.D φ 8.0mm
    Maximum Water Pressure ≥30 psi (200kpa)
    Water Flow 0.3-1.2 LPM
    Noise Level ≤65db (30cm away)
    Life Test ≥500 hrs
    Pump Head ≥5m
    Suction Head ≥5m
    Weight 60g

    Specification Engineering Drawing

    mini water pump 12v Specification Engineering Drawing


    Application for Mini Water Pump 12v

    Food grade soymilk machine, coffee machine, water dispenser, coffee table water pump;



    Electric decanter

    Electric decanter

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Water dispenser

    Water dispenser

    Vacuum packing machine

    Vacuum packing machine

    Tea table

    Tea table

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