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Originated in 2007, Shenzhen Pincheng motor Co., Ltd is the world’s leading supplier for micro pump solutions, and 70% of the products are exported to the high-end markets in Europe and America. PINCHENG is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of micro water pumps, gear pumps, and air pumps, mainly applied in the water heaters, small household drinking appliances, robots, electronic door locks, Monitor, Printer, Beauty equipment, Personal care products, Kitchen Appliance, Industrial Equipment, Adult Products, Audio and Visual Equipment, etc.

micro pumps Production Ability

Production Ability

1.PINCHENG have 10 production lines and 500 skilled workers now.

2.The leading micro pump manufacturer in china with annual production capacity of 5 million pieces.

micro pumps Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

1.The advanced testing equipment and strict testing procedures in every process.
2.Adopted enterprise quality pro-cess management, delicate to achieve "zero defect" pursuit.

Development Team

Development Team

1.Provide customers with solutions in a short time, and complete the full set of design and development of new products;

2.Provided door-to-door solution and service.

micropump Sales Network


PINCHENG products have been certified by ROHS,CE,REACH,a part of our products have FC approval.

micropump Sales Network

Sales Network

1.Sales network spread all more than 95 countries and regions, especially in United States, Korea, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

2.Common choice of the world's top 500 enterprises, such as Disney, Starbucks, Daiso, H&M, MUJI, etc

micropump Customer Service

Customer Service

1.Over 12 years experience in overseas customer service without complaint.

2.Engineers' onsite service,and quick solutions.

3.professional sales engineer to provide free technical support and solve problems within 24 hours.

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