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How to make a mini electric water pump at home?

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There are always have some thing in life that is not used or will be discarded, and a little modification of them can become very interesting things. caps this thing, it is a mini water pump made of plastic bottle caps, let's see how it made.

This pump can be used for small applications or just for fun crafting. One of the best things about this build is that the required materials should be available to almost everyone since none of them are special parts. Before we start, I also want to mention that I use a very small and weak motor, so if you want your pump to have more pressure, you just need to use a bigger motor.

How to make the mini water pump by yourself:

1、Materials: Several bottle caps of different sizes, one engine, one material that can be used as a water wheel, wires, and straws.

2、Firstly, find something that can be used as a water wheel. After cutting the outer contour, if the base is very thick, it will affect the efficiency of pumping, so use a saw blade to cut along the ...... of the base and the water wheel.

3、After sawing, sand it with sandpaper, and use a blade to trim each blade so that they are the same length so that they do not get stuck during rotation.

4、Select the size of the water pump, measure the diameter of the water wheel with a ruler, and find a suitable bottle cap. The specific size can be determined according to the needs of personal production.

5、If a bottle cap is used, there are threads on the bottle cap that will affect the rotation of the water wheel and need to be polished with sandpaper and a blade.

6、Before installing the motor, you need to find the center point of the bottle cap. After finding the center of the circle, start drilling.The size of the hole is determined by the motor, then apply waterproof glue to the edge of the hole, and then put the motor in.

7、After installing the motor, let it air dry for a few minutes before installing the water wheel, and apply a little waterproof glue to the connection between the water wheel and the motor shaft, and then open a hole on the side of the bottle cap, facing the position of the water wheel, To use a stiffer straw for piping, use a knife to cut a small notch through the side of the straw, then apply waterproof glue and stick.

8、Start to get the power supply, connect the wires to the engine, and find a bottle cap that is about the same size as the engine, punch a hole, pass the wire through it, seal it with waterproof glue, and find a bottle cap to punch a small hole in the middle and stick it on The bottom water pump is ready.

The above is the introduction of how to make small electric water pumps at home. If you want to know more about micro water pumps, please contact us the MINI WATER PUMP MANUFACTURER----Pingcheng Motor.


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Post time: Jan-17-2022