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How to Replace a Micro Pump?

How to install the micro water pump depends on which type of micro water pump is selected.

Micro water pump

Each series has different characteristics and different installation methods.

Different series of micro water pumps

For example, small flow series and medium flow series of micro water pumps, etc., there are four mounting feet under the pump body, which can be fixed with self-tapping screws to reduce vibration, but the noise and vibration of the miniature self-priming pump series are very small. Even if the pump is placed flat, it does not need to be fixed, and the pump can still work normally.

Micro submersible pump series and ultra-large flow series can work directly into the water. For example, the flow rate of the micro submersible pump is 87 cubic meters per hour, and the weight of the pump is 2.2 kg. According to the self-weight of the pump, the balance can be well maintained, and there is no need to add other fixing methods.

The medium-flow micro submersible pump comes with an exquisite fixed card seat design, which is convenient for installation and fixing on the bottom or side;

Micro water pump, water and gas pump series, this series is installed in any direction. The four shock-absorbing foot pads hidden in the abdomen of the pump body can be rotated out (for example, rotated 180 degrees to be parallel to the water outlet), and screwed into the installation holes with self-tapping screws to connect firmly.

How to disassemble the car micro water pump?

Always wait until the engine is cool before working on any part of the cooling system, follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommended procedures to remove the belt drive components, remove the hose connected to the water pump, be aware that when you remove the hose, a large amount of Coolant will come out of the hose; Loosen the bolts and remove the old water pump, remove the old seals/gaskets or old sealant residue and make sure the mounting surface is clean, check other cooling system service parts before installing the new water pump.

Install new water pump. Do not force start the pump by hitting the pump shaft. Old gaskets and seals should be replaced with new ones. Follow the installation instructions carefully. Use sealant only if specifically recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Apply an even sealant to the edges of the part, but do not use too much sealand. If there is too much sealant on the parts, wipe off the excess sealant before installing the new pump.Too much sealant can interfere with proper installation and can break within the cooling system, contaminating it. Sealants are also made at different drying rates, so please respect the sealant's printed instructions.

Tighten the bolts evenly to the manufacturer's torque specification, reconnect the hoses, refill the cooling system with the correct cooland recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, rotate the pump manually and make sure it spins freely, make sure the belt drive system driving the new water pump is in perfect condition , and install it in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's recommended procedures. The belt drive system works with the water pump. That's why, according to Gates, replacing water pumps, belts and other drive components at the same time is good preventive maintenance. The belt drive system works with the water pump. That's why, according to Gates, replacing water pumps, belts and other drive components at the same time is good preventive maintenance.

When the pump is new, it is normal for some water seepage through the drain holes, as the pump's internal mechanical seal needs about ten minutes of run time to properly seat (break-in period)。After this break-in period, it is not normal for water seepage and dripping from the scupper hole to become more obvious or seepage from the mounting surface, indicating a component failure or wrong installation.
Keep in mind that some leaks will become apparent when the engine is cool, while others will only become apparent when the engine is hot.

The above is the introduction of how to replace the micro water pump. If you want to know more about the micro water pump, please contact our water pump manufacturer.

Post time: Jan-17-2022