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Micro Foam Pump DC 3-6V Application for Soap Dispenser | PINCHENG

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Micro Foam Pump rate voltage DC 3-24V, small current. is widly used for Coffee tables, foam hand sanitizers, blackheads, electric decanters, dishwashers, vacuum packaging machines, breast pumps, coffee machines, water dispensers, etc.

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  • Model Number: 310E
  • Horsepower: 1.5W
  • Ultimate pressure: -75k(pa)
  • Suction volume: 1.5-3L/MIN
  • Outlet Size: 4.6(mm)
  • Pump shaft position: Horizontal
  • Material: PPS
  • Dimensions: 71.5*27MM
  • Motor: dc brush motor
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    Micro foam pump

    Micro foam pump used good quality material make the pumps have a long lifetime. Great Pincheng DC BRUSH Motor have less heat and low noise.

    Micro foam pump commonly used in automatic hand washing machines, disinfection machines. When the pump works the liquid inlet sucks the soap water, and the foam outlet will pump out the foam.

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    Product Information

    PYFP310-XE(E)Micro Foam Pump 

    *Other Parameters: according to customer demand for design
    Rated Current DC 3V DC 3.7V DC 4.5V DC 6V
    Rated Current ≤750mA ≤600mA ≤500mA ≤350mA
    Power 2.2w 2.2w 2.2w 2.2w
    Air Tap O.D. φ 4.6mm
    Water Flow 30-100 mLPM
    Water Flow 1.5-3.0 LPM
    Noise Level ≤65db (30cm away)
    Life Test ≥10,000 Times (ON:2seconds,OFF:2seconds)
    Pump Head ≥0.5m
    Suction Head ≥0.5m
    Weight 40g

    Specification Engineering Drawing

    micro foam pump size


    Typical Applications

    Home Applicances, Medical, Beauty, Massage, Adult products;

    Mirco water pump with foam maker

    Tea table

    Tea table

    Vacuum packing machine

    Vacuum packing machine

    Water dispenser

    Water dispenser

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Electric decanter

    Electric decanter



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    micro foam pump product

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  • How does a foamer pump work?

    Foamers pump is a type of positive displacement pump used to generate a foam. It works by introducing air into a liquid, so that bubbles are generated and dispersed. The air is usually introduced through an injector, and the liquid passes through an impeller, which creates turbulence and helps create more foam. As the liquid exits the impeller, the bubbles form a foamy product that can be discharged from the pump.

    How do you use a foam pump?

    To use a foam pump, start by connecting the air hose to an air compressor and making sure it is securely attached. Then, open up the valve on the air compressor to start pumping air. Next, connect the liquid line to the pump’s inlet and make sure it is fully sealed. Now, turn on the pump and allow the liquid and air to mix together. Once the foam has been created, you can adjust the foam’s thickness and quality by adjusting the amount of air being pumped in. Lastly, disconnect the hose from the air compressor and discharge the foam from the pump.

    how to take apart a foam soap dispenser pump

    To take apart a foam soap dispenser pump, you need to turn it upside down and unscrew the top lid. Then, you should be able to separate the pump from the container. You can then remove the inner components and replace them if necessary.

    how to fix foam pump

    If your foam pump have any quality problem, please contact us. we will help that.

    how long can a foam pump run dry without damage?

    Generally speaking, the reasons why the foam pump will become difficult to pump out are as follows: 1. The water quality is too hard; 2. The temperature is too high; 3. The pressure is not enough; 4. The liquid contains very little anticoagulant; Air pressure is too high.

    why does a soap foam pumpget hard to pump

    Generally speaking, when the soap is thicker than the soap pump can handle, the soap pump can become difficult to draw. In this case, it may harden and eventually it may stick or stop functioning. Also, air bubbles in the soap solution may reduce the pump’s treatment effectiveness. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use too much bubbles and foam to lather soap.

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