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Mini Liquid Pump 12V DC Micro Water Pump for Coffee Machine | PINCHENG

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Mini liquid pump are widely used in instruments and equipment, medicine and chemical industry, home appliances and other fields.Fine flow control via motor speed as well as brushless commutation are often specified for such applications.

Note: The Mini Liquid Pump uses four times less power than the Liquid Pump and is half the size, but only pumps 10% as much liquid, making it less space and energy efficient overall. Avoid using it when a standard Liquid Pump will suffice.

Buy Customized Water Pumps at Wholesale Prices from Pincheng Motor factory! You can customize the parameters and specifications of the micro pump, as well as the product material. Our engineering department will fully cooperate with the custom production of samples. Welcome to know more information about mini water pump.

  • Model Number: 370F
  • Material: ABS
  • Drive Way: Electric
  • Used: Metering pumps
  • Pump shaft position: Horizontal
  • Impeller structure: Enclosed impeller
  • Number of impellers: Single-stage
  • Impeller suction method: Single suction
  • Principle: Jet pump
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    Mini Liquid Pump

    Mini liquid pump 12V available customized specification. Support self-priming and dry-running. Small, low noise, no pollution, reversible flow is possible. EASY USE - Simple construction, high precision,easy to install and maintain.

    Mini Liquid Pump has been widely used in the field of experimental, biochemical analysis, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, products, ceramics, water treatment, environmental protection, etc.

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    Product Information

    370C(Water Pump)

    *Other Parameters: according to customer demand for design
    Rate Voltage DC 3.7V DC 6V DC 12V
    Rate Current ≤550mA ≤480mA ≤350mA
    Water Flow 0.2-1.3LPM/min
    Maximum Pressure >3kfg
    Noise Level <65db
    Life Test 0.3-1.2 LPM
    Noise Level ≤65db (30cm away)
    Life Test >30000 Times (10s on,7s off)
    Weight 62g
    Application Coffee Machine, etc
    Medium Water

    Specification Engineering Drawing

    12V DC micro water pump size


    Application for Mini Liquid Pump

    Home Applicances, Medical, Beauty, Massage, Adult products

    Shower heads, drinking fountains, air-conditioning drainage pumps, medical equipment, pressurization technology;

    Breast pump

    Breast pump

    coffee machine

    coffee machine

    fish tank water

    fish tank water

    Eye massager

    Eye massager

    Pump water the flowers

    Pump water the flowers


    Eye massager

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    mini liquid pump products

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