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DC Water Pump 3W Corrosion-resistant 6V Diaphragm Water Pump | PINCHENG

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DC Water Pump are designed to meet the needs of all types of aquariums at a price point that you’ll love. It does not have a longevity rating for this pump, it run for a week and it seems OK but would not recommend it for long term installations. It’s best used by students and artists who want something simple and inexpensive. You can PWM the motor to speed up or slow down the flow rate.

  • Model Number: 310C
  • Type: Air pump
  • Material: ABS
  • Drive way: Electric
  • Vacuum Degree : High vacuum
  • Useage: Booster pump
  • Performance: Wearable
  • Performace: Diaphragm pump
  • Medium: Water Pump
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    DC Water Pump

    DC Water Pump very easy to remove the pump head, convenient for pump tube replacement and cleaning. It is small, lightweight, low power consumption, and supports changing the direction of liquid flow. It is small, lightweight, low power consumption, and supports changing the direction of liquid flow.

    DC water pump 3W corrosion-resistant 6v diaphragm water pump, this peristaltic pump is widely used, used with equipment, liquid transmission, liquid sampling analysis, watering, liquid filling, bonsai irrigation, etc.


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    Product Information

    PYFP310-XC(C) Water Pump

    *Other Parameters: according to customer demand for design
    Rate Voltage DC 3V DC 6V DC 9V DC 12V
    Rate Current ≤1200mA ≤600mA ≤400mA ≤300mA
    Powr 3.6w 3.6w 3.6w 3.6w
    Air Tap .O.D φ 6.5mm
    Maximum Water Pressure ≥30psi(200ka)
    Water Flow 0.3-1.2 LPM
    Water Leakage 20PSL NO leakage
    Noise Level ≤65db (30cm away)
    Life Test ≥200 hours
    Head Pump ≥2m
    Suction ≥2m
    Weight 40g

    Specification Engineering Drawing

    dc water pump size


    Application for DC Water Pump

    Home Applicances, Medical, Beauty, Massage, Adult products

    Tea table

    Tea table

    Vacuum packing machine

    Vacuum packing machine

    Water dispenser

    Water dispenser

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Electric decanter

    Electric decanter



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    dc water pump for sale

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