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What’s the advantages and characteristics micro-pumps ?

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What advantages of industrial-grade micro-pumps? How to know micro water pump? Can a micro water pump pumping everything? Let's follow the micro water pump manufacturer’s introduce.

The miniature DC water pump WAT is essentially an economical product of the miniature water and gas dual-purpose pump WKY. The specific differences between the two are as follows:

1.      Different Quality

The peoduction cost make the quality difference. For example, the economical water pump WAT uses oil-impregnated bearings, and the brushless long-life water pump WKY series uses high-end double ball bearings. The two have continuous running performance and stability under heavy load. The degree and reliability vary greatly.

2.      Different Noise Level

WKY can run continuously day and night, and the noise in the middle is basically unchanged; after WAT runs continuously for a period of time, due to the oil of the oil-containing bearing being gradually dried, the noise may become loudly...

3.      Different Life time

Under the condition of full load, the actual long-term continuous operation time of WKY reaches >6000 hours, and the test is still going on; while the continuous operation life of WAT is only about 1000 hours;

4.      Different Guatantee

The long-life brushless water pump WKY is guaranteed for one year, while the WAT is only guaranteed for half a year.

The micro-pump industry has developed rapidly in recent years, so can the micro-pump pump everything? Of course, such a universal water pump cannot be exist.

First of all, you should find a special oil pump for pumping oil, especially when pumping flammable and explosive liquids such as gasoline, safety is the first priority. It is recommended to find a pump that has passed the explosion-proof certification to ensure safety! And such pumps are often very expensive, not comparable to the micro-pumps of tens of yuan from informal manufacturers.

The micro water pumps that can run continuously for a long time are all regular water pump manufacturers in accordance with strict or even harsh standards, and the cost of design, research and development, and the cost of high-quality components, etc., the cost of each micro water pump can not be as low as 2-3 USD Dollar;

In the field of use, the key parameters of the micro water pump: flow rate, suction stroke, pressure, whether it is self-priming, etc.; different working conditions have different needs. How can a certain micro-pump replace so many micro-pumps with different uses and structures?

   For example, the professional manufacturer of micro water pumps - Yiwei Technology, produces many types of micro water pumps, with dozens of series and hundreds of products, which can be roughly divided into three categories: micro water and air pumps, micro self-priming pumps, Micro submersible pump.

They are aimed at:

   1.Occasions that may run out of water;

   2.Need self-priming, a certain flow, high pressure occasions;

   3.When the liquid to be pumped contains a small amount of particles.

   The first use, the commonly used model is the miniature water and gas dual-purpose pump WKY1000, which can be idling for a long time, running around the clock, and the opening flow rate is 1 liter/min.;

   The second use, the commonly used model is the miniature spray pump BSP40160, self-priming up to 4 meters, MAX pressure 0.4MPA, open flow 16L/min;

   The third use, the commonly used model is the automatic switch type micro submersible pump QZ750-4040F, with an integrated float switch inside, which can automatically start and stop, and the opening flow rate is 40 liters/min......

   What's more, the miniature water pump is not a corrosion-resistant pump, and its corrosion-resistant ability cannot be compared with a special corrosion-resistant pump. The micro-pumps of tens of yuan or even cheaper often contain a lot of water in the propaganda of parameters and functions; If you just buy this kind of miniature water pump for cheap, the hidden danger is quite big.

If you just buy this kind of miniature water pump for cheap, the hidden danger is quite big.

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Post time: Jan-08-2022