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What’s the main products of your company?

Our main product is Micro-DC motor, DC gear motor, brushless DC motor, dc water pumps, dc air pumps, electric valve;

How can I contact PINCHENG's technical or sales support?

Contact info:

Email: sales9@pinmotor.net

phone number: +8615360103316

How do I order a custom product from PINCHENG?

Please share your requirements to our sales email, they will help the reach your specification requirements.

How can I choose the most suitable micro pump?

If you understand what specification you need, you can send us your sample, or product. We will recommend the suitable pumps.

What information can I get when I contact your sales engineers?

You can get what you want.

I order the same items frequently, can I get them shipped automatically on a regular basis?


What’s your delivery time?

Sample delivery time is 3-7 days, regular order leading time is 15-20 days;

My application requires an opening flow/pressure that is not listed on your charts, would it be possible to get a custom spring?

Yes, customized data is available

Can I buy one micro pump directly from PINCHENG?

Our MOQ is 500pcs, but sample order is available;

Why is it necessary to know the size and length of tubing the micro pump will be connected to?

Because that will be helpful to suit your products;

Which micro pumps can I run dry?

The air pumps;

What is the maximum viscosity rating for micropumps?

It depends on what pumps model you choose;

What about quality assurance?

One year;

What about the price level?





Why we find some prices are very high compared with some other supplier, and from the picture or it's parameter, all looks the same?

Please get our sample to check the quality.