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What Similarities and differences of micro water pumps and the analysis of pumping high temperature water?

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What are the differences and commonalities of speed-regulated micro-pumps? What are the conditions for pumping high temperature water micro-pumps? The following is described by the pump manufacturer for everyone.

Differences and commonalities of micro-pumps

With so many kinds of speed-regulating micro-pumps, if you pay attention to their commonalities and differences when selecting models, you can quickly select models according to actual use and working conditions.

The common point of micro-speed water pumps

When used as an air pump, the suction end of all the above micro-speed-regulating water pumps can carry a large load, allowing a short blockage, which is normal operation, and the micro-pump will not be damaged; but the exhaust end must be unobstructed, and there must be no air in the exhaust pipeline. any damping element. Therefore, even if the speed-regulating micro-pump is a water-gas dual-use model, it cannot be used as a positive pressure air pump, otherwise the pump may fail soon.

The difference of micro speed regulating water pump

1. Micro-pumps WOY and WPY have strong load-carrying capacity. When used as water pumps: the water outlet can be completely blocked, which is a normal operation, the pump will not be damaged, and the drain port can also be completely blocked, but it must be short-lived.

2. When WUY is used as a water pump, the water outlet and drain must be kept unobstructed.


1. It is also necessary to adjust the speed function, but if it is only used for water circulation, especially for long-term continuous operation, there is no large load of valves and variable diameters in the entire circulation pipeline, and the WUY series miniature water pump can be selected.

2. However, if it is in use, the suction port may require a higher suction stroke and a larger flow rate, and there may be large damping elements such as dense filters in the suction pipeline. It is recommended to choose the WNY series;

3. There is a certain resistance in the pumping pipeline, but there is no need for too much flow and high self-priming height. WPY series can be selected.

Therefore, even if they are both miniature speed-regulating pumps, it is necessary to understand the similarities and differences between them, so that the selection of miniature pumps can be done in one step, saving a lot of time and energy.

Description of micro water pump for pumping high temperature water

If the customer chooses a miniature water pump, if they need to pump boiling water most of the time, it is recommended to choose:

1. It is rated as a micro water pump that can pump high temperature water, and it can run idly and dry for a long time.

2. Be sure to choose a model with a larger flow rate when pumping normal temperature water, so that when boiling water is pumped, the attenuated flow rate may meet the actual working conditions.

3. If conditions permit, it is recommended to cool the water a little to a temperature where no air bubbles are generated before use; this will reduce the flow rate much less. For example, the high-end micro water pump WJY2703 of Chengdu Xinweicheng Technology, in the Chengdu area, pumping 88 ℃ boiling water (the temperature just before no bubbles), the flow rate is still about 1.5 liters / minute。


The mid-to-high-end miniature water pump has the advantages of wide application, good performance, high reliability and no false parameters, and is well received by customers in environmental protection, water treatment, scientific research, instrumentation and other industries.

Among them, miniature water and gas dual-purpose water pumps WKY, WJY and other series are very popular. Because they are not only idling and dry running, unlike other water pump manufacturers' micro-pumps, which are easy to burn out, and can even pump air for a long time (idling); the volume and noise are small, and they can also pump high-temperature water (50-100 degrees).

However, careful customers may have noticed this explanation when viewing the detailed information of WKY and WJY: "Special reminder: When extracting high-temperature water (water temperature exceeds about 80°C), the space will be crowded out due to gas evolution in the water, which will cause pumping. The flow rate is greatly reduced (this does not belong to the quality of the pump, please pay attention when selecting models!), please refer to the table below.", and then look at the actual flow rate of boiling water listed, there is a larger drop.

When pumping normal temperature water, the opening flow rate can reach 1 liter/minute and 3 liters/minute respectively. Once you start pumping boiling water, the flow rate will quickly drop to about tenths of a liter/minute, which is half or even higher. So, is this a quality issue with the pump?

the answer is negative. Actually it has nothing to do with the quality of the pump.

After a long-term comparative test and analysis, Yiwei Technology found the real reason for the sharp drop in traffic:

It turns out that when the normal temperature water is heated to ≥80°C, the air that was originally dissolved in the water will run out one after another. The closer to the boiling point of water (about 100°C), the more such bubbles; The volume in the pipeline is fixed, these bubbles will occupy the space of liquid water, and the pumping state of the pump will change from the water in the water pipe to the state of mixing water and gas, so the pumping speed will be reduced more severely.

In fact, not only micro-pumps, but other micro-pump manufacturers' products, as long as they pump high-temperature water, should be attenuated to varying degrees from a theoretical analysis.

The above is the introduction of micro water pumps. If you want to know more about micro water pumps, please contact our water pump company.

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Post time: Jan-08-2022