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How to select a micro water pump?

Pincheng motor produce micro water pump, micro high-pressure water pump, micro self-priming water pump, 24V micro water pump and other micro pumps, a wide variety, different applications, micro pump prices are not the same, how to choose a micro water pump?

Water pumps, especially micro water pumps, the main parameters are "flow", "pressure" or "head", whether self-priming is required and so on.

When selecting, it is necessary to choose according to specific requirements.

First, only need to pump water or solution, require self-priming ability, and have requirements for flow and output pressure.

Note: The pumped working medium is water, non-oily liquid and other solutions (can not contain solid particles, etc.), self-priming function, you can choose the following pumps:

1. The flow requirement is large (about 4~20 liters / minute), the pressure requirement is not high (about 1~3 kg), mainly used for water circulation, water sampling, lifting, etc., requiring low noise, long life, high self-priming suction lift, etc., then BSP, CSP ( ) and other series can be selected;

2. The flow requirement is not high (about 1~5 l/min), but the pressure is larger (about 2~11 kg), mainly used for spraying, pressurization, car washing, etc., you can choose, PYSP365 series,

3. Used for tea table pumping, spraying, etc., the volume is required to be as small as possible, the flow rate is required to be small, and the noise is low (about 0.

  1~3 l/min), optional PYSP70 series.

Second, the need to pump water or gas, pay attention to volume, noise, continuous use and other performance

Note: Water and gas are required, can be dry for a long time, and do not damage the pump; 24-hour continuous operation; The volume is particularly small and the noise is low, but the flow rate and pressure requirements are not high.

1. Use a micro pump to pump or vacuum, but sometimes liquid water enters the pump cavity.

2. The micro pump is required to pump both gas and water.

3. Use a micro pump to pump water, but sometimes the pump may have no water to pump and is in a "dry running" state.

Some traditional pumps are afraid of "dry running", which can even damage the pump. The PHW( ) series products are essentially a composite function pump, which integrates the functions of vacuum pump and water pump, some people call it "vacuum water pump".

  Therefore, in the absence of water, it will be vacuumed, and when there is water, it will pump. Whether it is the pumping state or the pumping state, it belongs to the normal work category, so there is no "dry running" damage.

4. Mainly use micro pumps to pump water, but do not want to manually add "diversion" before pumping (some pumps need to manually add some "diversion" before work, so that the pump can pump up the water at a low place, otherwise the pump cannot pump water or even damage), that is, it is hoped that the pump has a "self-priming" function.

  At this time, the advantage of PYSP series products is that when it is not in contact with water, it is vacuumed, forms a vacuum, presses the water up by air pressure, and then begins to pump water.

When you have the above applications, you can choose the PYSP series.

Third, there are greater requirements for the flow rate, and the medium contains a small amount of oil, solid particles, residues, etc. You can choose the peristaltic pump PYRP series;

Note: Of the media to be pumped,

1. Contains soft solid particles (such as hair, fish feces, sewage sludge, residue, etc.) with a diameter of less than 31mm, but the viscosity should not be too large!

2. Allow a small amount of oil in the working medium (such as a small amount of oil floating on the sewage surface), but not all oil!

3. The flow rate is large and the self-priming function is not required.

We can customize the micro water pump according to your needs, welcome to consult more product information.

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Post time: Nov-12-2022