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Micro dc gear motor with mini size whose diameter is 40 mm, the speed reduction gear motor could be use for small display stand, such as mobile phone display; handicraft display; jewelry display; and gift display

Rated voltage: 12 V; No-load speed: 3 RPM; Product diameter: 40 mm; Shaft diameter: 4 mm

Micro dc gear motor special features are distinguished by low pulsation, low shear stress, low dead volume, long service life, low weight and a compact structure as well as wear and corrosion resistant materials. The inner and outer gears are assembled eccentrically within the pump casing without a spacer.

PINCHENG is one of the leading micro motor manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders.

  • Motor Type: Brushless DC motor(controller build-in)
  • Max flow: 3.5L/min
  • Max pressure: 10Bar
  • Rated Voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Suction Height: 0.5M, 0.6M
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    PC-JS50 Micro Gear Pump

    PC-JS50 SERIES Small lightweight micro gear pump range for liquids. A range of lightweight 'self-priming pumps suitable for liquids that provide flows of up to ... High-Quality Gear Pump with Competitive Price.

    High accurate micro mear Pump for gas and liquid analysis, monitoring and control of hazardous compounds. Quick and easy consultation! Send us your inquiry or call us today! Modular design.


    Lighting, Toys, Craft Gift, Fan, Actuator

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    Wholesale Micro DC Gear Motor-Annular Gear Pump

    Product Parameter



    r/min A r/min A mN.m g.cm W mN.m g.cm A
    PC-JS50CF-11590 9.0-13.0 12.0V 10 0.05 7.7 0.17 110.5 11270 0.89 4803.9 49000 0.59
    PC-JS50CF-071380 20.0-25.0 24.0V 60 0.02 45.6 0.06 165.2 1684.8 0.79 688.2 7020 0.20

    Other Parameters: according to customer demand for design

    Product specification

    micro gear motor specification


    The DC Gear Motor application for robots, electronic door lock, Monitor, Printer, Beauty equipment, Personal care products, Kichen Applicance, Industrial Equipment, Adult Products, Audio and Visual Equipments, etc Welcome to order! CUSTOMIZE AVAILABLE!



    electronic door lock

    Electronic Door Lock

    Display shelf

    Display Shelf



    Beauty equipment

    Beauty Equipment

    Adult Products

    Adult Products

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    micro gear pump

    We supply more than just product, we engineer solutions optimised to suit your application requirements.

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  • What is micro gear motor?

    Micro gear motor is a type of motor that is assembled with a miniature precision reduction box (also called a gear box) and a miniature motor. The speed converter of gear arrangement is used to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque.

    What types of DC gear motor have?

    DC Gear Motor Classification According to the purpose: DC gear motor, stepper gear motor, planetary gear motor, gear gear motor, hollow cup gear motor, worm gear motor, three-ring gear motor, RV gear motor; According to the material: metal gear motor, plastic gear motor According to the gear type: cylindrical gear motor, planetary gear motor, bevel gear motor, worm gear motor, parallel gear motor

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