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What should we noted when buying a micro water pump?

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The micro water pumps is wildly used, many things in our lives will use micro water pumps, and the purchase of micro pumps need to consider what problems have been troublesome consumers, the following micro pump manufacturer purpose technology to introduce you to the purchase of micro water pump needs to consider the problems.

Issues to consider in the process of buying a micro water pump:

1. When selecting micro water pump and oil pump, we should select the appropriate standard and type according to the specific application needs of customers.

Issues to consider in the process of buying a miniature water pump

2. It is clear what the medium transported by the micro water pump and oil pump is and what is the viscosity. The flow rate of the pump must be selected according to the water demand, water source conditions and usage of the user's garden planting, breeding, processing and life. If the water source is relatively sufficient, the model specification of the pump is mainly determined according to the maximum water demand.

3. Find out how high the temperature is during the internship.

4. The micro water pump is driven by an independent motor, which can effectively block the upstream pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation, and the pressure pulsation at the outlet of the micro water pump can be controlled within 1%.

The questions that need to be considered about the purchase of micro pumps are introduced to you here, do you understand?

If you need to buy it later, you can refer to the above questions.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022