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How to make mini water pump| PINCHENG

How to make mini water pump| PINCHENG

The Diaphragm Pump is small and exquisite, suitable for neutral and most strongly corrosive media, and can transmit gas and liquid. Small size and large flow.

The materials you will need for this builds are:

- A small motor. (Can buy online, at hobby store, or take from dollar store toys)

- A plastic candle holder (can also use a Gatorade bottle cap)

- Thin hard plastic (plastic food containers)

- Lots of hot glue

Small production of waste utilization: making mini water pumps with Robust milk bottles

Piston pumps use the reciprocating motion of the piston and the combined action of atmospheric pressure to pump water from low to high. Use the Robust milk bottle and other accessories after drinking the drink to make a piston pump model.

Firstly, Working principle Figure 1 is the appearance of a pumping machine model made with Robust milk bottles. There is a water inlet check valve at the mouth of the bottle. A mouth is opened at the bottom of the bottle, and a tube is connected to the syringe. A port is opened in the center of the bottle body as a water outlet, and the water outlet is connected with a water outlet one-way valve. When the piston of the syringe is pulled, the air pressure in the bottle decreases, and the atmospheric pressure pushes water in from the water inlet; when the piston is pushed, the water flows out from the water outlet along the pipe.

Second, Material preparation and production The materials needed mainly include: 1 Robust baby bottle, 1 rubber stopper, 2 waste plastic ballpoint pens, 2 small steel balls (or small glass beads), 1 meter hard rubber tube, small steel needle ( Or small iron nails) 2 pieces, 502 glue, etc.

1. Make a one-way valve. Unscrew the cone-shaped nib of the ballpoint pen, put a small steel ball in the nib, requiring the steel ball not to leak from the tip of the nib, and then use a small steel needle heated to a high temperature to pierce the nib of the ballpoint pen and fix it on top of the small steel ball as a barrier. Rod. In order to prevent air leakage, apply some 502 glue on the periphery of the nib through which the steel needle passes, as shown in Figure 2. The length of the steel needle should be appropriate, and it is best not to expose both ends after passing through it. Make two one-way valves in this way.

2. Make the water pipe and the water inlet pipe. First make a water tube, insert a lead wire into the ballpoint pen tube, put the pen tube on the alcohol lamp to heat it, and keep turning it while heating it, and bend it from the middle into the shape shown in Figure 3 after it is softened. Pull it out, and then glue a one-way valve to the pen nozzle in the orientation shown in Figure 4. In this way, the water pipe will be completed as soon as it is discharged. The production of the water inlet pipe is also very simple. Drill a hole in the rubber plug with an aperture equivalent to the inner diameter of the ballpoint pen tube, and glue the one-way valve to the orifice according to the orientation shown in Figure 5.

3. After making each part, make two holes in the Robust milk bottle, the diameter of which is the same as the outer diameter of the ballpoint pen tube, one is in the middle of the bottle body, and the other is at the bottom of the bottle. Insert the water outlet tube into the hole in the middle of the bottle body, and insert the other ballpoint pen tube into the hole at the bottom of the bottle as an air suction tube, and then use 502 glue to stick it firmly. Note that all bonding must be sealed well and there should be no air leakage.

4. Attach the rubber stopper of the water inlet tube to the mouth of the bottle, and use a hard rubber tube to connect the suction tube stuck at the bottom to the syringe. A Robust milk bottle piston pump model is ready. If you need to send the water to a far place, just add a hose to the outlet pipe. When pumping, put the inlet of the inlet pipe into the water and continuously draw the syringe to send the water from the low to the high place.

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Post time: Nov-17-2021