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Misunderstandings of Micro DC Water Pump Equipped with Power Supply | PINCHENG

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Micro water pumps, DC water pumps, and small water pumps are used in many fields because of their small size and low power consumption. However, it is a problem with DC stabilized power supply. People often ask: Can the electronic transformer used in the lamp be used as a power source to power the DC 12V micro water pump and the DC 24V micro water pump?

The answer is no.

Some customers purchase the micro DC water pump PYSP-370 (12V DC power supply, maximum current 3.5A, maximum output pressure 2.4 kg, opening flow rate 3.5 liter/min). Originally, we suggested that customers need to allocate 1.5 times the maximum current (3.5 *1.5=5.25A and above), but in order to reduce costs, customers buy the commonly used "electronic transformers" in lamps (because it is cheap, only ten to thirty or forty yuan), but it turns out that the pump can’t be found when the power is turned on. Start work. As a result, after our experiments, the real culprit is the electronic transformer. Therefore, the miniature DC pump must not be used to power the pump with the electronic transformer of this lamp.

The reasons are as follows:

Electronic transformer (for home lighting, common forms include spotlights for ceiling lighting (electronic transformer + lamp cup)), which is different from switching DC stabilized power supplies. Because the electronic transformer turns the AC high voltage 220V into the low voltage AC that can be used by lamps, lamps, etc., such as 6V, 12V, it is actually a step-down transformer without filtering and current stabilization circuits. It is a linear transformer and a "transformer." Rather than a "converter" (just simply change the AC 220V into AC 6V, 12V, and not into the DC 12V required by the pump). However, the DC water pump has a large impact current when it is started, which is close to a short-circuit state, and it needs a filter and a current-stabilizing circuit in the transformer.

Later, it was replaced with our customized DC and modified switching DC power supply PYSP-370A, and the micro DC water pump returned to normal.

What's more confusing is that the power is often marked on the electronic transformer, which is often marked with xx watts to xx watts. At first glance, it just falls within the maximum power range of the pump, which is easy to misunderstand.

Therefore, please pay attention to the above points when choosing the power supply of the micro water pump.
If really not sure, but you can also buy a ready-made DC switching DC power supply from Pincheng Motor. to match his miniature water pump. Please few to contact us to get the Details info.


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Post time: Dec-11-2021