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Small Air Pumps 3v-24v Micro Diaphragm Pump | PINCEHNG

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Micro diaphragm pump have small size, strong structure,and long serving life.This is an excellent Family & Kids program, which not only allows families to own a distinctive Drink fountain machine,but also enables children to understand some scientific principles more intuitively and to improve their operational ability.

  • Model Number: 370B
  • Type: Air transfer pump
  • Material: ABS
  • Princle: Diaphragm Pump
  • Vacuum Degree : High vacuum
  • Drive way: Electric
  • Used: Booster pump
  • Performace: Wearable
  • Conveying medium: Air
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    Small air pumps

    Small air pumps 3v-24v micro diaphragm pump vacuum or negative pressure can be continuously formed at the inlet. and the micro positive pre can be formed at the exhaust.

    Small air pumps used 370 blus motor, this Pincheng Motor have good quality and best price. 3-24v available, high pressure and strength quality. Small size make it have widely used for many products.

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    Product Information

    PYP370-XB Air Pump

    *Other Parameters: according to customer demand for design
    Rate Voltage DC 3V DC 6V DC 9V DC 12V DC 24V
    Rate Current ≤900mA ≤450mA ≤300mA ≤220mA ≤120mA
    Power 2.4w 2.4w 2.4w 2.4w 2.4w
    Air Tap .O.D φ 4.2mm
    Air Flow 1.0-3.5 LPM
    Inflation time ≤10sec (From 0 to 300 mmHg in a 500cc tank
    Maximun Pressure ≥100Kpa(750mmHg)
    Noise Level ≤60db (30cm away)
    Life Test ≥50,00 Times (ON 10 s;OFF 5s)
    Weight 60g
    Leakage <3mm Hg/min (From 300 mmHg in a 500cc tank

    Specification Engineering Drawing

    small air pumps Specification Engineering Drawing


    Small Air pumps Application

    Home Applicances, Medical, Beauty, Massage, Adult products

    Blackhead instrument, Breast pump, Vacuum packaging machine, Adult products, Booster technology

    Tea table

    Tea table

    Vacuum packing machine

    Vacuum packing machine

    Water dispenser

    Water dispenser

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Electric decanter

    Electric decanter



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    micro diaphragm pumps

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