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How to Select DC Micro Gear Motor?

Micro Gear Motor How to Choose

DC gear motor’s choice many non-professional demanders usually require: the smaller the size, the better, the larger the torque, the better, the lower the noise, the better, and the cheaper the price, the better. In fact, this type of selection not only increases the cost of the product, but also fails to select a suitable model. According to the experience of senior engineers in the industry, it is recommended to select models from the following aspects 

How to Choose the dc gear motor size? 

1: The maximum installation space that can be accepted, such as diameter, length, etc. 

2: The size of the screw and the installation position, such as the size of the screw, the effective depth, spacing, etc. 

3: The diameter of the output shaft of the product, the flat screw, the pin hole, the positioning block and other dimensions, this should first consider the matching of the installation. 

In product design, try to reserve a larger space for product assembly, so that there are more models to choose from.


The choice of electrical properties 

1: Determine the rated torque and speed. If you don't know what you need, you can buy ready-made ones in the market after estimating and go back to test. After OK, send them to the supplier to help test and confirm. At this time, you only need to give the power-on voltage and working current. 

2: Maximum allowable current and torque. Usually, everyone thinks that the bigger the torque, the better. In fact, the excessive torque will cause damage to the entire equipment system, causing mechanical and structural wear, and at the same time, it will cause damage to the motor and gearbox itself and insufficient life. 

3: When selecting electrical properties, try to choose low speed and small reduction ratio, so that a product with high strength and long life can be obtained.


The choice of DC GEAR MOTOR noise 

Usually, the noise referred to refers to mechanical noise 

1: After installing the motor into the product, it is found that the sound is relatively loud, and the noise should be improved. Repeated sample delivery still cannot solve the problem, which often occurs. In fact, this noise may not necessarily be the noise of the product itself, but may be the sound of a variety of noises, such as resonance caused by too fast rotation, such as the resonance formed by the direct rigid cooperation between the gearbox and the mechanical equipment, such as dragging the load noise caused by the eccentricity, etc. 

2: In addition, the selection of the product itself also requires strong technical support. Usually, plastic gears have lower noise than metal gears, helical gears have lower noise than spur gears, and metal worm gears and planetary gears. The box has a lot of noise and so on. Of course, noise can also be effectively reduced by optimizing design and ensuring machining accuracy.


Determine the priority direction of product assurance 

1: Select different geared motors according to different use environments. For example, financial machinery requires product reliability, such as toys, and product safety and environmental protection. For example, industrial products such as valves need to give priority to the life of the product, and household products must give priority to the quietness of the product. 

2: Under normal circumstances, experienced engineers will tailor-made detailed products that meet the requirements of customers according to different customer requirements, and are by no means limited to meeting the speed and torque of the product. 

Due to the variety of product uses, the selection of dc geared motors is a knowledge, and it is difficult to achieve a professional level in a short period of time. In this case, it is best to entrust professional engineers to help with the selection, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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Post time: Sep-26-2022