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How many types dc gear motor does pincheng motor have?

Before choosing a dc geared motor, you have to know the following points: First of all, it is necessary to understand that DC geared motors include DC planetary geared motors, geared motors, worm geared motors and other categories.

The following are several types of DC gear motors produced by our Pincheng Motors:

1- Wholesale DC Planetary Gear Motor 3V-12V | Pincheng Motor


The advantages of planetary reducer are that the structure is relatively compact, the return clearance is small, the precision is high, the service life is very long, and the rated output torque can be very large. But the price is slightly more expensive. The gear reducer has the characteristics of small size and large transmission torque.

The gear reducer is designed and manufactured on the basis of the modular combination system. There are many motor combinations, installation forms and structural schemes. The transmission ratio is finely graded to meet different working conditions and realize mechatronics.The gear reducer has high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance.

Working environment of DC GEAR MOTOR

Secondly, the basic conditions for a reasonable selection of the gearbox geared motor are the three indicators of rated voltage, rated speed and rated torque. 

The highest efficiency point in the performance indicators introduced in the parameter table of each model refers to the rated speed and rated torque for reference selection. The rated operating point of the geared motor is an important basis for motor design. When working near the rated point, its working efficiency The highest, the most stable performance. 

In the condition of large reduction ratio and low speed, please refer to the maximum allowable load and speed in the performance parameter table. Running under the condition of the maximum allowable load and speed will reduce the service life of the reducer or directly damage the gear reducer. Before the selected motor is used in batches, a prototype test should be carried out to confirm whether the rated speed, rated torque, voltage and current meet the conditions.

If it is close to it, the selection can be considered reasonable and can be used. If the deviation is large, it must be replaced, otherwise the service life and quality cannot be guaranteed.


The main feature of the worm gear motor is that it has the function of reverse self-locking, which can have a larger reduction ratio, and the input shaft and output shaft are not on the same plane or on the same plane. However, the volume is generally large, the transmission efficiency is not high, and the precision is not high.

Different reduction ratios of the gearbox can provide different speeds and torques. This greatly improves the usage rate of DC motors in the automation industry. A geared motor refers to an integrated body of a reducer and a motor (motor).Such an integrated body may also be commonly referred to as a gear motor or gear motor.It is usually integrated and assembled by a professional reducer manufacturer and supplied as a complete set. Geared motors are widely used in steel industry, machinery industry, etc. The advantage of using a geared motor is to simplify the design and save space.

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Post time: Sep-05-2022