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Micro air pump’s FAQ | PINCHENG

Micro air pump’s FAQ | PINCHENG

1、Why do some micro air pumps have similar flow and pressure parameters, but low power consumption?

What is the reason, is there a problem?

The selection of the micro air pump mainly depends on the two main parameters of flow and output pressure.

The pump mainly depends on the two main parameters of vacuum and flow.In the similar parameters, the lower the power consumption of the pump, the better, which means that the pump has high efficiency and most of the energy is doing useful work, which is a good thing.The most intuitive performance is low fever and low temperature rise.

After some pumps work for a while, the motors are very hot. This at least proves that the efficiency of this pump is low, and most of the electrical energy is consumed on heat.

If the micro pump is installed in the instrument, it is necessary to consider whether its heating will cause the temperature rise inside the instrument.The efficiency of AC pumps is often not high, and the heat is severe, regardless of domestic or imported products. If you see that the micropump also comes with a fan, it often means that it generates heat and is low in efficiency.

2、Some Understanding of the Reliability Test Method of Mini Air Pump

They said that the reliability test of all products is to run continuously day and night under full load. I don’t think it is necessary. We work for 5 or 6 hours every day when we use it.But later I realized that if you can pass the cruel assessment, it will perform very reliably under loose working conditions.But at this time we have already paid a lot of tuition fees and bought a lot of XX mini pumps, and there are many problems during use.

3、Don't be fooled by the parameters of the micro air pump!

Our production equipment has been using micro vacuum pumps and micro air pumps. Due to cost reasons,

We have selected several products. Their parameters are complicated and they specialize in fooling people. What is "the biggest

"Instant pressure", "Rated working pressure" and so on, there are various kinds of products, in use, the product has problems one after another, telephone consultation, they said that the published parameters are instantaneous values, short-term working parameters,

The product cannot work for a long time under this parameter。gosh! Since your product cannot work reliably for a long time under this parameter, why do you announce this parameter! Purely fooling people, not responsible! Everyone, be careful!

4、Is it possible to replace low-interference pumps with ordinary micro-pumps by improving the circuit's anti-interference performance?

Be very careful! We have planted some wars here! We used to be analytical instruments, before There was also this idea. At that time, 100 ordinary micro air pumps were also purchased.At that time we made the circuit Improved, increased anti-interference performance, no problems were found in a short time detection, so click here small batch production。As a result, after the product was delivered to the customer, problems occurred one after another, such as returns, repairs, and errors. In short, the loss was great.Later, we tried carefully and discovered that the interference caused by the motor is widespread, and the products of many manufacturers are the same. The most terrible thing is that the problems are irregular and completely random. These days, you can test as you like, but after a while, you will have problems with the test. Sometimes there are no problems, which is very difficult to capture.We have tested the products of many manufacturers, whether it is a micro vacuum pump, a micro air pump or a micro water pump, etc.In the end, we chose low-interference specifications to completely solve the problem. I haven't had any problems for more than a year.The interference problem caused by the ordinary micro-pump to the control circuit is not as easy to solve as imagined, so be careful! Lessons from the past.

5、Are the vacuum parameters useful when using a micro gas pump for gas sampling?

The vacuum degree parameter is of course useful, not to say that the vacuum degree parameter is useless without vacuuming.When gas sampling, the vacuum degree parameter determines the strength of the micropump to overcome resistance.

A good vacuum is essentially the higher the pressure difference with the environment, which can be understood as the better the vacuum is similar. The higher the "voltage", the greater the "current" (like gas flow) after the same "resistance".

To give a simple example: if there are two micropumps A and B with the same flow rate, but the vacuum degree of A is high, and the vacuum degree of B is worse, when connected to the same piping system, the flow rate shown by A will be larger. Because of the high vacuum of A, the flow resistance is strong against attenuation, and the remaining flow after the same resistance attenuation is larger.

6、What factors will affect the indirect water pumping effect of the micro vacuum pump?

Use a micro vacuum pump to vacuum the airtight container, and draw a pipe from the container to pump water. This method of indirect water pumping with a micro vacuum pump is very common.What factors affect the speed of pumping?

First, the pumping speed, that is, the flow rate.

This factor is well understood. The faster the pump pumps, the faster the container can generate vacuum, and the faster the water can flow into the container.。

The second, the vacuum of the pump.

The better the vacuum of the pump, the less gas remaining in the closed container, the thinner the gas, the greater the pressure difference between the container and the outside environment, the greater the pressure on the water and the faster the flow. This is easy to be ignored by most people。

Third, the size of the container.

The larger the container, the slower the vacuum is formed, and the longer it takes to reach a higher vacuum, so the water absorption speed will be slower.

Mainly the above three factors restrict the indirect pumping speed. Of course, there are other factors, such as the length of the pipeline, the size of the inner hole, the resistance of the gas path and the liquid path components, etc., but these factors are generally fixed.

It is easy to be misunderstood by many people, thinking that the container needs to be disconnected from the external water source first.

Fourth, let the airtight container form a vacuum and then open the water inlet pipe to pump water. In fact, this is not necessary Unless the container is large, the flow rate and vacuum of the vacuum pump are very low.Our experiment found that for containers below 3 liters, VMC6005, PK5008 pumps, almost at the same time when the pump is energized, water starts to flow into the container.

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Post time: Sep-28-2021