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Pincheng Motor offer the wholesale price, Mini geared motor size is small, slow speed, high torque, low noise, reversible, easy to install.Used for small display stand, such as mobile phone display;Handicraft display; Jewelry display; Gift display. OEM & ODM are welcome.

PINCHENG is one of the leading micro motor manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders.

  • Output wattage: 0.01-1.5W
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    Mini Geared Motor

    This mini geared motor is used inside small display stand; Such as gift display, mobile phone display, jewelry display, handicraft display. This electric motor adopts industrial grade raw materials; It could withstand various harsh conditions such as high and low temperature; Durable to use, The high torque mute motor is small, slow speed, low noise; Reversible and easy to install. Free sample available.

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    Mini Geared Motor 35NM TORQUE for Lawn Lamp

    Product Information

    Model Voltage No Load At Maximum Efficiency Stall
    Operating Tange Nominal Speed (r/min) Current Speed (r/min) Current (A) Torque Output Torque Current
    PC-JS40CF-071500 2.0-4.0 3.0V 1 0.006 0.7 0.01 87.66 894.1 0.007 283.6 2893 0.025
    PC-JS40CF-14415 9.0-13.0 12.0V 41 0.065 33 0.27 256.1 2612.6 0.88 1309.8 13360 1.1

    * Other parameters: according to customer demand for design

    Specification Engineering Drawing



    - Lighting: lawn light/colorful rotating lights/crystal magic ball lights;

    - Adult Suppliers/Showcase/Toys/Actuators

    Tea table

    Tea table

    Vacuum packing machine

    Vacuum packing machine

    Water dispenser

    Water dispenser

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Electric decanter

    Electric decanter



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    mini diy dc geared motor

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