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How to use the micro water pump?

What should I pay attention to when using the micro water pump? What common sense mistakes can occur in daily life? Next, our micro pump manufacturer will explain to you.

Precautions for micro water pumps

There are many types of miniature water pumps, which is ultra-high cost-effective miniature DC speed-regulating water pumps with PWM speed regulation function. Users can output signals that match the pump's PWM speed regulation according to the PWM control system, and then they can be used for brush speed-regulating water pumps. Adjust the speed, that is, adjust the flow of the pump.

The miniature speed-regulating water pumps all use imported brushless DC motors. It can work continuously for 24 hours. If the customer needs a small flow pump, it is recommended using PYSP370 (peak flow 280ml/Min). The speed can be adjusted, and the flow rate can be adjusted to a very small value. The speed adjustment range of the motor speed is 30%-100%.

The flow rate of the micro water pump ranges from 2L/Min to 25L/min. The pump itself does not have the function of adjusting the flow rate. It can be adjusted by reducing the voltage or adding a valve. It should be noted that the voltage drop can only be reduced slowly, not too much at a time, so that the pump cannot be started with load. If the flow is adjusted by adding a valve, it is recommended to add the valve to the pumping the end of pump to avoid increasing the load of the pump.

For miniature water pumps, the nominal "peak flow rate, open flow rate" parameters refers to the "MAX flow rate" at no load. In actual use, different loads will be attenuated to different degrees. The valves, bends, pipe lengths, etc. in the system all have an impact on the attendance of the flow. So please be sure to leave a margin when choosing a model.

Because of its small size, lightweight, low noise, low power consumption, and DC power supply, miniature water pumps are widely used in field operations, environmental protection, water treatment, scientific research laboratories and other industries or departments.

Common sense error of micro water pump

But because the entire micro water pump industry has only a few decades of development history, compared with hundreds of miles of history such as large water pumps, its development time is not long, and it belongs to a relatively new industry. Therefore, the majority of micro water pump purchases or users, common sense errors are often prone to occur, such as, miniature water pumps can only pump water, not other liquids. This is also a misunderstanding

Miniature water pump, the reason why it is called water pump, is that its "main" working medium and object is water. Can it pump other liquids? For the self-produced Pincheng motor miniature water pump, it is limited in this respect. The prescribed medium is: "...can pump solutions that do not contain particles, oils, or corrosives...", that is, as long as the pumped liquid does not contain impurities, small particles, does not contain oil, or is all oil , And not corrosive; the purpose of the mini self-priming water pump can be normal pumping.

The above is a brief introduction to the micro water pump. If you want to know more about the micro water pump, please contact uss for further details.

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Post time: Dec-27-2021